John Weistart
Professor of Law
Duke University School of Law

Welcome to The Contracts Experience. 

What you will find here is a new approach to learning contracts law. 

These materials make extensive use of multimedia elements.  Numerous hypotheticals are presented as video vignettes.  In general these have been shown to be more engaging than problems in print.  In addition, they serve to underscore the importance of finding facts in connection with common human interactions. 

The materials also include many video commentaries by professors, judges and practitioners.  These videos show, with an economy of space, the extent to which there are widely varying views on the soundness of particular contract rules.

Various montages and animations in the material use enhanced visual elements to explain important points.

The digital format of these materials can be used to significantly reduce the amount of effort required to prepare personalized notes and outlines.  Transferring excerpts of the material to another document requires no more than a quick cut and paste.

As with traditional casebooks, these materials depend heavily on the study of judicial opinions, and they draw extensively on the body of case law that is commonly covered in printed casebooks. Thus, while you are invited to use digital technologies to improve your learning experience, the basic approach of these materials has a familiar tone.

We hope you enjoy what you find.